Who are the Triple A's?

The Triple A's are an entirely autism led peer support charity for Autistic people . All of our contact staff and volunteers are autistic, and we are run by autists*. This is for two reasons. Firstly, because a lot of us have felt judged in the past, even by those who are trying to help. But if everyone in the room is autistic, there's a lot less pressure to try to perform to some mythical set of confusing standards.

Our services

What we do


We currently run a number of social groups throughout the week. 

  • Anime Group
  • Cosplay Group
  • Creative Group
  • Gaming Group
  • Social Group


We are happy to offer Autism Training for 

  • Parents
  • Professionals
  • Companies
  • Bystanders
  • Autists
  • Anyone who asks


We are available to talk through some of the situations and problems that being autistic can cause

  • Informal chats
  • 1 to 1 Support


We host events to help celebrate neurodiversity

  • Autistic Pride
  • Bubble's in the Park
  • Autistic Art Exhibitions
  • Open Days
  • Fundraising 

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