Autism Information Hub


The Hub has been created as part of the Understanding Autism campaign which is funded by the Scottish Government and Inspiring Scotland. The campaign is a ground breaking effort to increase knowledge and understanding of autism with a sharp focus on the lived experiences of autistic people.

The Autism Information Hub is written by autistic people and offers an insight into what it is like to be autistic, strategies to support yourself as an autistic person, and information about how you can support autistic people around you to grow and develop.

 The Autism Information Hub covers areas like; What is Autism, Sensory Issues, Autistic Communication and much more. The hub is aimed at increasing understanding and acceptance of autism and will help support autistic people and their families, businesses, professionals, and the wider general public who want wish to learn more about autism. 

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Covid-19 Information Card

Alastair Meek, Triple A’s Manager, and Marion McLaughlin, One Stop Shop Aberdeen Manager, have worked with NHS Grampian to produce a Covid-19 Autism Information Card. This is now freely available to download here- ( This can be personalised to suit your specific needs and you do not need to show proof of diagnosis to download it.

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Autistic Pride

Autistic Pride is an internationally recognised day where autists come together to celebrate their unique autisticness.

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Aberdeen-shire Youth Bank

We are thrilled to announce a grant of £1,000 from Aberdeen-shire Youth Bank to support our young people to facilitate positive change for the autistic community 

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Triple A's First Award

Many congratulations to our very own Alastair Meek who won the Staff Member Of The Year award at Celebrate Aberdeen

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