Covid-19 Autism Information Card

Alastair Meek, Triple A’s, and Marion McLaughlin, One Stop Shop Aberdeen, have worked with NHS Grampian to produce a Covid-19 Autism Information Card.  This is now freely available to download below. This can be personalised to suit your specific needs and you do not need to show proof of diagnosis to download it.

Face Masks

Just a reminder that as of 10th July 2020, people in Scotland are required to wear a face covering in shops, but there are exemptions for various circumstances, including if it would cause sensory distress. Plastic see through visors may be an acceptable alternative for some. For those who cannot wear one, you can download our fully customisable Covid 19 autism information card below and add this info in.

You can complete the card by hand writing your information, or you can type directly onto the pdf before printing by following the instructions below.

  1. Click the link below, this will take you to the download page, select download.
  2. Open the Information Card and save onto your desktop. 
  3. Right click on the document and press 'open with Adobe Acrobat Reader'
  4.  Press 'fill and sign' (found in the panel on the right hand side)
  5. You can add text directly onto any part of the page. Once you have saved, this locks the text you have just added. 

Should you have any problems editing the pdf, or do not have access to a printer please email us  at and we can arrange to print & post the card out to you for a small fee of £1.00, payable via PayPal, covering printing & postage costs.