We would like to update you on our services during COVID-19.

Triple A’s are carefully monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and are responding to the needs of our members and the autistic community during this crisis.

While social distancing is in effect, Triple A’s will be running groups via Discord - an online server. We have decided to keep all of our groups running, although some groups have had to alter what actually happens in them. We are very happy to say that while obviously our groups are being disrupted by not being in person, everything is still running as best as it can during this difficult period.

While we cannot officially take new members at this point, we can still take referrals of autists, who will be welcome on the server in limited numbers and these spaces are not restricted to our normal membership. 

We have set up a Discord server to allow for people to socialise online and to keep at least some of the groups going that way. Discord is a free program that you can get from https://discordapp.com/  

Message us privately on our Facebook page or via email if you would like to join the Discords Server. If you are already a Triple A’s group member and would like the link to the Discord Server this has been shared on the TA group chat. 

In addition - we are very aware that this is a difficult period, with a lot of changes and a lot of concerns. Alastair is available if anyone wishes to discuss an autism related issue (or a mental health issue relating to an autist), and will attempt to advise. 

Please contact us via our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/TripleAAberdeen/or by email - Alastair.Meek@triplea.uk.com for more information. 

For additional support please contact the One Stop Shop Aberdeen, who are still answering emails and messages to support autistic people, their families and professionals. The service is still able to offer meetings, share information and signposting as usual, albeit all done remotely. 

Please contact us via our Facebook page - OSS Aberdeen Facebook or by email - hello@oss-aberdeen.co.uk.com for more information.